We are a team of fun-loving individuals in a company that seeks to redefine corporate entertainment.
We specialize in crafting games and mysteries that are not only fun but also creative and effective in achieving the specified goal.
We organize not just any game for team bonding. They are given careful thought.
They involve an air of mystery, making people think deeper.
It is a mental exercise that is sure to be exciting and in the end, rewarding, especially once the enigma has been solved.

With our mysteries and games, everyone is surely bound to have fun! At GAMESTERY, we have activities that are good for up to 100 people. Every activity is tailor-fitted to the needs and requirements of every company.
Benefits of choosing Gamestery

People will think of the best ways to solve a specific problem and win over a challenge. The scenarios involve multiple type of puzzles, that team work is the only way forward.

If you are looking for exciting activity for companies, we got you covered! We guarantee that you will see a smile on the faces of every person participating in our activities. Everyone will surely be in a happy mood, even if they are having a hard time solving the mysteries.

As a part of making any activity exciting, we make sure that everyone will be able to have the opportunity to interact. Our games and mysteries require not the effort of a single person, but the combined effort of every member of a team, which is why interaction will be necessary.
Once the mystery and puzzle is resolved, participants will feel rewarded. After exerting effort and completing the challenges, once they have finally unlocked the mystery, it is definitely going to boost everyone’s confidence.

  • Teamwork

    We recognise the importance of teams in any organisation. We believe that people must be able to work together effectively and efficiently. Our games and mysteries will make this happen in a manner that is exciting and engaging!

  • Excitement

    We believe that corporate entertainment should not be boring. It should be engaging in order to encourage full participation of the employees. There is no room for boredom. This is exactly what we envision to deliver.

  • Interaction

    We promise to deliver not only adrenaline rush and fun, but also the opportunity for interaction. Every mystery is exhilarating, and this will prompt better interaction in between members of every team.

  • Rewarding

    We create games and mystery scenarios that challenge not only the thinking of the participants but will also give them a feeling of reward once they have it completed. For sure, this will bring joy to everyone.


We are proud to offer a unique team building activity that is guaranteed to be not only fun and rewarding but will surely be effective in achieving the necessary goals.


From mysteries to puzzles, our activities also encourage participants to be keen observers.

Take a look at other people and the surroundings. They can contain clues, and in the end, will help you to end up in victory in our team challenges.


Communication and collaboration – these are the two things that we want to accomplish.

Through different activities, we encourage participants to interact and have fun as they try to find the answer to a puzzle!


This will help to bring people together, have fun, interact with each other, and at the end of the day, teach the importance of individual roles in a team.

It will be an effective way to encourage competition in a manner that is non-threatening.


The mystery component of our team bonding activities sets us apart from many others.

Participants will be placed in a specific situation, and in turn, they have to think how they can escape.
It can be customized based on the specific goal of an organisation.

“Not all treasure is silver and gold mate" - Jack Sparrow


Looking for the perfect choice for a team building activity?
Here are some of the options you might want to consider.
Flight AF302

There was a failure on the plane’s engines and your plane landed on the calm sea.

The Prince

The blueprints of highly classified yacht design, have gone missing.

Mr. Green

The hotel employees have reported weird noises, blood stains, screaming the night before.

Friends & Enemies

Your team is called in the Hotel to solve the mystery behind the death of a man.

Happy Chef

The clock is ticking and you have to get all the ingredients, cooking products needed and make our chef happy!

Long Live the Wine

“Ops” said the king, “where is the key?”

Be like Brando

Keep it a secret and once on the stage the rest of the teams will know!

Raise the FLAG

Participants join forces in teams to communicate & collaborate. These games combine skill, teamwork & fun for all.

Can you Survive?

Now it is time to experience the challenge.


Formula 8 = It depends how fast you push.


After all the teams unlock their box, it will be time to build their castle.


Mr. Jack is always looking to do as less as possible so he does not want to look for the treasure chest.


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." - Michael Jordan

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